The Honorable Member of Parliament for Builsa South constituency, Dr. Clement Apaak has lashed out at the National Security Minister-designate for saying that soldiers entered the parliamentary chamber on the dawn of January 7, 2020 on their own.

Mr. Kan Dapaah during his vetting yesterday, February 11, 2021 denied claims that the military invasion of Parliament was ordered by a civilian in a high authority.

He indicated to the Appointment Committee that the Army commander who brought in the soldiers did what he did when he sensed danger and deemed it right to move into the chamber to restore law and order.

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But for Clement Apaak, Kan Dapaah’s claim was a lie and he has pointed it out to him [Kan Dapaah] that they [NDC MPs] are not idiots to be told lies.

The Builsa South MP insists that the military was invited into the chamber to intimidate the NDC lawmakers, contrary to what Kan Dapaah said to the Appointment Committee.

He added that the manner in which the soldiers moved straight to the sitting position of the NDC MPs was a clear indication that they were brought into the chamber to get the NDC MPs intimidated.

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“Really, a military commander on his own decides to invade parliament with troops because he felt there was the need to restore order?

So why did the soldiers proceed towards the NDC MPs? The military was invited to intimidate the NDC MPs.

We are not idiots Kan Dapaah!,” he wrote on his Facebook wall.


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