Who is Jarra Reed
Who is Jarra Reed, the new Green Bay Packers defensive tackle player.

Jarran Reed, since 2016, has become a player who is often heard of in National Football League (NFL)-related news. He is a known force in the NFL.

In March 2022, Jarran Reed signed a new contract with Green Bay Packers after leaving his former team, Kansas City Chiefs. This sparked eagerness of Green Bay Packer fans to learn about their team’s new defensive playmaker. 

Who is Jarran Reed?

Jarren Reed 29, plays defensive position within the NFL.

He joined the league for the first time in 2016 , after he was drafted by Seattle Seahawks.

Before joining the league, Reed had a successful two-year stint with the University of Alabama where he helped in winning a national title.

Reed played in the top position for the Seattle Seahawks for five years before agreeing to signa one year contract with Kansas City Chief in the 2021-2022 season. 

Jarran Reed net worth?

An opportunity in the NFL typically has a huge payoff, and Reed is certainly not an exception.

Despite a prominent career, the actual net worth for Reed is not known. It is however, believed to be between $1.1 million to $5 million. 

Reed’s time in Seattle was a success, toward the end of the season, the team did not give him a long-term contract, which resulted in him signing an agreement for one year with the Chiefs which guaranteed him $5 million, Sports Illustrated reports.

Also, terms of the new contract signed by Reed with Green Bay Packers are yet to be disclosed. Disclosure of these details will give a clearer insight into the net worth of Reed.

Jarran Reed wife

It is not clear whether Reed is engaged or married or has a girlfriend.

However, the player is reportedly a father of two children; a boy and a girl. He regularly shares photos with his two children, with his followers on social media platform, Instagram where he has a follower base of less than one hundred thousand.

Jarran Reed Height

Reed’s height is revealed to be 6ft and 3in which translates to 1.91 meters.

Jarran Reed Weight.

The defensive player’s weight is revealed to be 306lb which translates to 139 kilograms, the weight of almost three bags of Diamond cement.

Jarran Reed contract

The new contract signed by Jarran Reed with the Green Bay Packers took place on March 22, 2022. However, details of the contract are yet to be made available to the public by the team or the player.

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