The National Democratic Congress(NDC) Members of Parliament for Effutu, James Kofi Annan has cautioned the Winneba Police Commander to stop being bias against the NDC or he’ll have himself to blame when there’s a change of government.

According to him, Chief Superintendent Okanta has consistently been doing the bidding of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) and has failed to remain neutral in matters between the NDC and the NPP in Effutu.

The Police Commander on Wednesday ordered the arrest of James Kofi Annan after he reportedly disrupted the arbitration hearing of challenged voter ID card holders.

He became agitated after some people he’s alleged to have illegally bussed into Effutu were denied their ID cards and started attacking some of the members of the committee overseeing the process.

Speaking to the media, James Kofi Annan stated that Chief Superintendent Okanta has been high-handed and has unfairly caused the arrest of many NDC supports while wrong-doing NPP members are left to walk about free.

He warned that Winneba will know no peace as Ghana heads to the general elections if Chief Superintendent Okanta does is not neutral.

“If the Police Commander wants Winneba to remain peaceful he should do should be professional and neutral. It was wrong and unfair to arrest only NDC supporters and leave the NPP supporters to go free, this will not bring peace to Winneba.

“We won’t sit down and allow the Police Commander to continue being bias, he should stop harassing NDC supporters. He should remember that a government will be kicked out of power and another government will assume power. When this happens what will be your fate if you don’t want to be neutral as a police commander.”

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