A culture that says a broke man deserves no woman, cannot tell him to have one wife when he’s rich


    Nigerian actor Yul Educhie has sparked hot debates on social media following his announcement that he got himself a second wife in the person of actress Juldy Austin and has a son with her.

    There’s been a barrage of condemnation coming the way of the deep-voiced actor, mostly from women but some from men too, saying he betrayed the sacrifices of his first wife.

    The other side of the debate, are those sending congratulations his way, saying he made the brotherhood proud.

    The point of the later has been that, we live in a society that has increasingly become materialistic and a man is told he needs to have a lot of money to offer before he can get a woman.

    This point has been succinctly written in a post by a netizen who put it in a better perspective.

    In a post on popular facebook group TELL IT ALL, he wrote: “A culture that tells a broke man πŸ‘¨that he deserves no woman, has no right to tell him to stick to one woman when he becomes RICH. YUL EDOCHIE THE BROTHERHOOD IS PROUD OF YOU πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’―”

    This has opened the lid on what seems to be a growing trend where ladies would rather go in for an older rich man than a young struggling man.

    Coupled with the incessant demands for the comfort money can buy, some men are gradually getting the message, make money or you can’t have us.

    What such women seem to be oblivious of however, is that, when you marry a man because of his money, he owes you no loyalty.

    It must be said though, that Yul and his first wife married when he wasn’t basically a nobody. He himself has praised his first wife severally for her enduring love.

    It is currently unknown what might have led Yul to go in for a second wife.

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