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Tiktok is not only for fun: Here’s how you can make serious money on Tiktok


People know Tiktok as the one app that they spend hours of the day scrolling through really fun and interesting videos to entertain themselves. But did you know people are cashing out big on the Tiktok platform?.

Well, that’s the truth and there’s no restriction, anybody can start making money on Tiktok. So in this article, we will discuss how you can also tap into this vast amount of dollars on offer on Tiktok so you can make money with your phone. Keep reading for more.

How to make money on Tiktok – Quick Guide

Making money on Tiktok involves 4 steps that you have to go through to start seeing results in no time.

1. Sign Up

To begin, you must sign up on tiktok, set up your profile. You will have to add a nice picture as your profile picture and in the bio section, write a little about your self. Make it brief, fun and interesting.

2. Create content

Unlike making money on YouTube which involves creating original content, Tiktok lets you create content on your own, react or duet with others to get your own content.

Another way to get content easily is to join trends. If you’re already on Tiktok, you should have seen many of such videos where people use sounds in really funny ways. Same sound, many interesting videos. Do that.

3. Grow your account

To make money on tiktok, you need to grow your following and engagement. Doing this will directly affect how much money you make online via Tiktok. Join trends, invite friends and family to follow you. Share your videos on other social media platforms to gradually grow your following. Once you see growth, you can start reaping the benefits.

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4. Time to Make money on Tiktok

How to make money on TiktokTiktokers make money through 3 basic income streams on the platform. They are:

1. Direct advertising

This involves approaching or being approached by businesses owners, artists and individuals to promote their business, music, video or product to your audience. Yes, when you see your favorite Tiktokers dancing and reacting to a song in their videos, most likely, they got paid to do that.

How much you can make through direct advertising is without limit. It is mostly dependent on your following, engagement, negotiation abilities and the budget of the advertiser.

2. Tiktok coins

This is really the sweet spot where you can make money online on Tiktok consistently. Once you hit 1000 followers on Tiktok, you get access to live stream tool. When you livestream on Tiktok, your viewers can gift you Tiktok coins, which can be converted to money.

You can withdraw the coins in the form of paypal funds to your paypal account. You can then withdraw the money form your paypal account to your bank or sell to others for cash. It’s that simple and easy.

Tiktok monetization

3. Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you promote products on online shopping stores like amazon with your unique link and get commission when people purchase the items using your link. You can join the Amazon affiliate program, find really amazing products that suits your audience, add you link to your bio and then make reference to it in your videos and livestreams.


Making money on Tiktok is easy if you can be consistent and grow an audience. Once you see growth, you are on your way to smiling to the bank by employing the monetization strategies discussed in this article.

There may be other avenues to earn from TikTok other than the ones mentioned above but those may require high number of following and an insane number of views. The best, easiest and quickest ways are what’s outlined in this article.

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