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How to register your sim card with Ghana card in 9 easy steps


The National Communications Authority NCA has set October 1, 2021 as the date for the start of sim card re-registration in Ghana using the Ghana card; below is how to register your sim card with Ghana card.

The sim card registration with Ghana card process is in two steps.

  • You’re required to link your Ghana card to your sim card
  • then proceed to register with your service provider.

How to Link sim card to Ghana card

To link your sim card to your Ghana card using USSD, these steps must be followed:

Dial USSD Code

Dial the dedicated USSD code for linking your Ghana card to your sim card. The code is *404#.

Enter Ghana Card ID number

After dialing the USSD code, you will be prompted enter your Ghana card ID. Enter letters and figures without hyphen. Press next.

Confirm Ghana card Pin

In the next step, you will be required to re-enter the Ghana card ID entered in the previous step for confirmation. Enter the ID number without hyphen again and press next.

Enter Surname

After pin confirmation, you will be required to enter your surname. Enter your surname as it appears on the card. After that, press send to go to the next step.

Enter your first name

After entering your surname, the next step is to enter your first name. This will be your official name on the Ghana card. eg. Joseph, John, Mary, Mavis etc. Press send after entering the name. If you have multiple first names or a middle name, enter them in the right order as it appears on the card.

Enter date of birth

The next step after entering your first name(s) is entry of your date of birth. Enter the date birth as it appears on the Ghana card in this order, DDMMYY. (eg. 01011992 which is 1st January, 1992)

Select Gender

After entering your date of birth, you will be prompted to choose your gender (Male or Female). Enter the appropriate number representing your gender and press next.

Confirm details

Here, a summary of the details you’ve entered will appear on your screen for confirmation. Check to see all the details entered are correct.

Submit Details

After confirming the details, submit by entering 1 and press next.

Receipt acknowledgment

After submitting, you will receive an on-screen message informing you that your information have been submitted.

How to know if Link was successful

now that you know How to register your sim card with Ghana card, you must also know if the linking of your sim card to Ghana card was successful. You should receive the following messages after submission telling you the state of the process.

  1.  If successful, you get a confirmation message with a unique code
  2. If unsuccessful due to wrong details, you will have 3 attempts to answer security questions for verification purposes.
  3.  If unsuccessful due to verification failure at the NIA, you will be informed to contact the NIA.

How to Register sim card with your service provider

In stage two of the the sim card registration in Ghana, you are required to visit your network service provider (Agent or customer care) to complete the registration process.

If you need more information, you can call the NCA on toll free number 0800110622


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