Is Jimmy Savile alive or dead

Is Jimmy Savile alive or dead?:- Jimmy Savile was an English Radio/television personality, Dj talk show host who worked for the British state media, BBC, for years.

He was noted for his fundraising prowess, as he raised an estimated $52 million for several charity organizations during his lifetime. He was also widely acknowledged for such a quality.

Jimmy saw several complains made against him by Brits, but those complains were ignored, and the complainants not taken serious.

In a new Netflix documentary, it has been revealed that Prince Charles sought advice from Jimmy in the past. Many has since been searching to know if Jimmy is still alive or he is dead.

Is Jimmy Savile alive or dead

Jimmy is dead. The Dj died more than a decade ago, on October 29, 2011. He was 84 years old when he died in Roundhay, a city in Leeds.

It was after his death that several revelations were made against him. After these complaints, most of which are sexual abuses, the police concluded that he had been a predatory sex offender.

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