It Is Unreasonable To Always Call For A New Voter Register – Prof. Gyampo


Resourceful Political Scientist and Lecturer at the University of Ghana Department of Political Science, Professor Rashford Yaw Gyampo has taken a swipe at the Jean Mensah Led Electoral Commission for always demanding a new voter register without working to prevent what undermines integrity of voter registers.

The renowned academic’s comments which he made on social media came following EC’s admission that there are minors and foreign nationals captured on the new voter register whose compilation ended few days ago.

According to the Professor, it is always unreasonable for a new roll to be compiled with huge sums of money and only for it to be having what undermines the integrity of the previous register.

“It is an absurdity to always ask for a new register without preventing what undermines the integrity of every register”, part of Prof. Gyampo’s comment reads.

Prof. Gyampo is also of the view that a new register will be called for since the recently compiled one is also infiltrated with minors and foreigners.

Minors and foreigners are on the new voters’ roll. Who caused this? It is an absurdity to always ask for a new register…

Posted by Yaw Gyampo on Wednesday, August 12, 2020


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