Lee Edward Koppelman cause of death

Lee Koppelman Cause Of Death. Lee Edward Koppelman, an influential urban planner, was born in Harlem (New York), United States in 1928.

Koppelman, who was based on Long Island during the 1960s and until his resignation from the Long Island Regional Planning Board in May 2006, remained active as a public servant.

He continued his role as the Director of State University of New York Stony Brook’s Center for Regional Policy Studies until July 2019. Koppelman took this role in October 1988.

Koppelman is known as the father of sustainability in Long Island. He was the first to think of the idea of conserving space for future generations.

His planning theories were based on the concepts of equity and balance, as well as the use of the most technologically advanced tools available at the time.

Lee Koppelman Cause Of Death

Lee Edward Koppelman died on March 21, 2022. The cause of his death is not known.

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