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3 Ways to make free and easy money with your smartphone from anywhere in the world


Did you know that everyday, thousands of people make millions of dollars with just their smartphone?.

The internet is full of money and if you’re looking for opportunities online to make money with just your phone, this article will point you in the right direction.

There is nothing wrong with Using your phone to make have fun, but wouldn’t you rather be makig some money that can go into sorting your bills?.

How to make money with your smartphone

The following online opportunities to make money will help you make consistent income without any sign up fees.

1. Online surveys and Micro-tasking

Instead of browsing through your facebook timeline, refreshing and scrolling with end to see what others are doing, you could spend that time answering simple surveys to earn top dollar.

Sites like picoworkers.com will allow you to sign up for free, start answering surveys or performing simple online tasks like web search, youtube engagement, comment or like a post in return, you make money.

These sites sre legit and pays you as soon as you reach the minimum payout threshold. Try them.

2. Youtube and blogging

Next on our list of opportunities to make money online with your smartphone is YouTube and blogging.

You’re currently on my blog reading this very informative article which can be beneficial to you. That is what blogging is about. You share your knowledge on a particular topic, and you get advertisers to advertise to your readers.

Getting advertisers may seem to be impossible to the uninitiated, but there are hundreds of advertising agencies like Google Adsense, MGId, Mediavine who are waiting place adverts on your blog so you can also make money online.

Alternatively, you can venture into Vlogging on YouTube where you post videos of yourself doing what you love, be it sharing knowledge on a topic, traveling, having fun etc. Whatever you have to show the world, there are people to watch it.

You can get traffic to your blog through google adwords or simply use social media to promote your blog or channel. Youtube will pay you when you reach the monetization threshold of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Most people think it’s hard to resch it, but with good content you cross the threshold within a short time. If you can’t wait  then you can contact Ryte Promo who can monetize your YouTube channel within 10days at a fee.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing lets you earn commission when people purchase items on an online shop using your special referral link. If you’re part of a community online, you can sign up for any of the affiliate marketing sites, choose a product and start promoting your link in the groups, pages, WhatsApp etc.


Making money online with your smartphone is quite easy and not as complicated as people think it is. You just have to be serious and you will start seeing results.

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