Home Finance Mobile Money loans like QwikLoan you can easily get on your phone

Mobile Money loans like QwikLoan you can easily get on your phone


MTN Mobile money loan has revolutionized how ordinary Ghanaians access instant loans. You can easily get a loan from the comfort of your home and pay back through your mobile money.

The market for mobile money loans have expanded and more and more companies are offering mobile money loans with very flexible payment terms.

These loans will come as relief to easily help you to pay a bill, settle unplanned expenses or even help you take that fine lady on a date. So here are Mobile money loan alternatives you can get instant money from.

1. Fido Money loan

Fido offers a quick and easy way for you to get a quick loan on the go. This can be done right from your home. With Fido, you can get up to GHC200 which can be repaid within a period of 10 and 33 days.

There are no hidden fees with Fido and all you have to do is download the Fido app and signup.

2. BloomKash

Is is a fast alternative way to get quick loan from the comfort of your mobile phone. BloomKash as an online lender offers between GHC65 and GHC1000 in loan which can be repaid within 91 to 365 days.

The loans come with an interest of 0.1% and up to 1% per day. Interest per annum can be between 36.5 to 360%.


Quick loans are an easy and fast way to access instant money which can be very handy in saving you from some financial embarrassment. Approach it with caution to ensure you don’t engulf yourself in debt that you will struggle to pay. Remember this is not financial advice.

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