NPP transports Togolese to Ketu South in more than 5 pick up vehicles.


Unknown number of Togolese have been trucked from Togo to Ketu South in order for them to register for the voter ID card, can authoritatively confirm.

These Togolese were brought to Ketu South in more than five pickup vehicles at about 2am on Sunday, August 2 and they were led by a popular and well known NPP businessman, Pallous who was leading the convoy in his white Toyota Prado.

According to a driver and his mate to whom spoke, they [driver and his mate] packed their vehicle by a speed ramp in order to check a fault before they embark on their Accra journey when the pick up vehicles arrived by the ramp heading towards Ketu South.

The driver however said as the vehicles slowed to take the ramp, the language the occupants in the buckets of the vehicle were conversing in with one another was the strong Togolese assent of the Ewe.

Less than two minutes of detecting the fault, the driver followed the convoy and realized that about four persons were dropped at Zukpe which is in the Ketu North Municipality but close to Kpoglu in the Ketu South Municipality.

Later in the day, three Togolese were busted in Zukpe by security personnel as they try to get registered for the Voter ID card.

During interrogations, these three persons revealed that they were brought to Zukpe from various towns in Togo to register and that their colleagues were taken to various registration centers in Ketu South.

They however could not tell the name of the persons behind their presence in Zukpe as they seems not to even know that much about the persons.


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