The Executive Director of education think tank, Africa Education Watch, Mr. Kofi Asare has thrown weight behind calls for the reform or total overhaul of the 1992 constitution.

According to him, the current constitution was “designed” to serve only the then Head of State, the late John Jerry Rawlings, and not the entire citizenry of the country.

He however, believes that since J.J. Rawlings is no more alive; there should be no hesitance in reforming the twenty-nine (29) years old constitution.

In an opinionated piece sighted by on his Facebook wall, Kofi Asare wrote:

“The 1992 Constitution was designed with one man in mind; now that he is of blessed memory, its time to redesign it with 30 million in mind.

It creates a ‘Captain Planet’ executive with excessive powers which has blurred accountability of institutions to the citizenry and created a disturbing public service culture of executive allegiance, instead of allegiance to the State, leading to poor service delivery. It provides a fertile ground for a culture of political patronage, denying us a meritocracy-the executive controls everything, using it to reward only their cronies.

In order to mobilize support for REAL Constitutional Reforms, the sufferers of the Constitution must first become aware of how the present Constitution affects their lives, and how an amended one can impact.

This may sound nonsensical to the ruling class and their cohorts; the constitution presently serves their interest to perfection. No wonder the Mahama Administration ‘buried’ the Constitutional Review Commission report which cost the tax payer millions to produce.

I will gladly add my signature to the ongoing effort by the #FixTheCountry movement to mobilize one million signatures in support of Constitutional Reforms which will produce a Citizens’ Constitution.

Throughout history, no genuine Constitutional Reform was ever led by the ruling class; it must be citizens led. It is difficult for the ruling class to close their mouth to dripping honey; the citizenry must cut the flow of the honey by demanding a Citizens’ Constitution.”


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