Executive Director of Danquah Institute, Richard Ahiagbah was earlier tipped to become a Deputy Minister for Communication and Digitalization. His name, however was missing from the list which was released days ago and submitted to the Speaker of Parliament.

Ahiagbah’s omission from the list came as a shock to many as they believe he’s paid his dues and well qualified for the job.

However, in a report carried by TheHerald Ghana which was sighted by GhanaVanguard.com, the omission or dropping of Richard Ahiagbah from the list was as a result of his unwillingness to do what he needs to do to be appointed as deputy minister.

According to the report as carried by TheHerald Ghana, Mr. Ahiagbah is a citizen of the United States, which means he holds dual citizenship.

His unwillingness to give up his US citizenship is what led to the withdrawal of his appointment as Deputy Minister for Communications and Digitalisation, the reports says.

Reports also suggest that as his appointment as Deputy Minister was withdrawn, he’s being considered to take up the role of Deputy Communications Director at the presidency.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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