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Soldier, 30 in military custody for defiling 14 years old girl at Burma Camp.

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Corporal Offei Richard Okyere, a 30 years old soldier has been remanded by the Accra High Court into military custody for allegedly defiling a 14 years old young girl on multiple occasions.

The defilements, according to the father of the defiled girl who is the complainant had taken place in house and also in a bush which is about 200 meters away from his apartment at Burma Camp.

The facts as presented by Detective Sergeant Opoku Aniagyei in a report by Ghana News Agency are that the complainant is a 53-year-old labourer of the Ghana Military Police residing at Burma Camp, Accra.

The prosecution said the victim is a 14-year-old Junior High School Student, residing with the father who is the complainant in the case.

Detective Sergeant Aniagyei said Okyere was also residing at Burma Camp and that the complainant and Okyere worked in the same Regiment and were very good friends.

The prosecution said between July and September last year, Okyere took advantage of the friendship between him and the complainant and paid visits to the complainant’s house.

He said whiles the complainant was away, Okyere lured the victim into their room and had sexual intercourse with the victim in a sofa chair.

The prosecution said on another occasion, Okyere had sex with the victim on the complainant’s bed.

He said not satisfied with the sexual advances, Okyere took the victim to a nearby bush about 200 meters away from the victim’s house and had sex with her.

The prosecution said on December 15, last year, the victim’s elder sister questioned whether she was a virgin and the victim denied being one.

This, the prosecution said made the complainant suspicious and he asked the victim who broke her virginity and she mentioned Okyere as the one who had been having sexual intercourse with her.

He said on December 16, last year, the complainant reported the matter to one Military Police and they arrested Okyere who was detained in a guardroom.

The prosecution said the Military Police issued a medical form to the complainant to seek treatment for the victim at any government hospital.

The prosecution said a medical report was submitted on the victim after medical examination on January 2, this year.

He said later, the complainant, the victim and Okyere were brought to the Domestic Violence and Victim’s Support Unit of the Ghana Police Service in Accra by the Military Police.

The soldier has since pleaded not guilty after the defilement charge was slapped on him by the court which was presided over by Adelaide Abui Kadey.

The soldier is however, scheduled to reappear in court on January 27.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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