Urban dictionary
urban dictionary has been trending on twitter as people begin to use the dictionary to find the exact meaning of their names.

Since Monday night, a new Twitter trend, urban dictionary, has been trending, with millions of twitter users joining the trend.

The urban dictionary trend is all about finding the meaning of names of people ie people are using the urban dictionary to find the meaning of their names.

It’s all fun, as some people, having discovered the meaning of their name using the urban dictionary, took to share to share what they have discovered about their names.

The trend has sparked reactions – both negative and positive – from people.

Below are some reactions to the urban dictionary twitter trend

Some also believe the meaning of name some people are getting is making them feel so good.

A Twitter user Ebony Michelle says; “so everyone’s name is just casually in the urban dictionary with great definitions that they feel describes them perfectly”

So, it’s now your turn, if you are yet to find the meaning of your name, to use the urban dictionary so that you will know and be able to tell people what the meaning of your name is.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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