A video of Papavi Hogbedetor addressing a Unrepresented Nations and People Organization (UNPO) organized Zoom meeting pops up online.

Papavi, the leader and founder of the Volta Region based secessionist movement, Homeland Study Group Foundation became famous after he was arrested with few other colleagues when they were planning to declare Volta Region an independent state.

The over 90 year old retired educationist however, declared the Volta Region an independent state in November 2019 and has since gone into hiding for fear of being dealt with by the Ghanaian authorities.

However, in a new video that GhanaVanguard.com chanced on, the octogenarian leader was in a meeting with fellow leaders of UNPO members via zoom.

Papavi talked about how the colonial masters divided the Togoland into two; Republic of Togo and Volta Region which is now part of Ghana and also how the British Togoland was recognised as the world number one producer of corn in those colonial days.

The secessionist leader seems to be relentless on his quest to make history by seceding the Volta Region from Ghana to form a country they call Western Togoland.

Watch video below

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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