who was Charlotte Maxeke

Who was Charlotte Maxeke, the woman Google doodle celebrates on April 7:- On April, 7, 2022, Google Doodle celebrate Maxete by displaying a picture of her on their website’s South Africa homepage. So, in this article, we will tell you who she was.

Who was Charlotte Maxeke?

Exactly 151 years ago today, Charlotte Maxeke was born, near Fort Beaufort in South Africa. She was born on April 7, 1871.

Maxeke’s mother was a teacher while her father was a foreman in a road construction company, and also a preacher in a Presbyterian church.

According to Wilberforce University, where she studied and obtained a degree, Maxeke planned to become a teacher after completion of her degree.

In 1891, Charlotte and her sister, Kate, were invited to join the African Jubilee Choir and tour Britain.

She and her sister, Kate were part of a choir that were invited to sing or perform for Queen Victoria in 1891. It was during the tour that she got the inspiration to study in the Wilberforce University in Ohio, after she met students of the school in Britain.

She went ahead to become the first Black woman to graduate from the University with a bachelors degree as well as the first Black woman to graduate from a university in America.

In 1918, Maxeke founded the Bantu Women’s League of SANNC (South African Native National Congress). This was where she was involved in multiracial movements and addressed an organization for the voting rights of women.

She was also involved in protests about low wages. She was known to have set up an employment agency for people of African descent who lived in Johannesburg.

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